Tina Parker

Life in the South

Another Offering CoverAnother Offering

This chapbook of connected story poems explores a young girl's coming-of-age growing up in Appalachia and the Southern Baptist church.

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"In this well-crafted, moving collection, the speaker invites us into her childhood world, introduces her family, and unveils her spiritual experiences and their unsettling questions about integrity, compassion, and gender roles. We become acquainted with the people who have shaped the speaker's world and her relationship to it. Tina Parker's Another Offering is a tight and coherent page turner. It is a beautifully written collection by a poet devoted to her art."  —Katerina Stoykova-Klemer, author of The Air Around the Butterfly and The Porcupine of Mind

"Tina Parker's poems leap off the page with startling imagery and knife-sharp observations. The poems in Another Offering reveal a seeking female soul as she tests the limits of her strict religion and the small-town southern culture where the do's and don't's are strict as a diagrammed sentence. In these fearless poems mystery meets desire and both survive all that would deny them. These are coming-of-age poems to savor, and Tina Parker is a poet to watch."  —Leatha Kendrick, author of three poetry collections, most recently Second Opinion


"Writing is very much about the process for me. I don’t set out to create a certain type of piece, or achieve a certain goal. I do aim to make space to write, which allows me to pause and interact with what is happening around me." — Read more in an interview with Geosi Reads

Another Offering cover art: Amelia Grace Brooks