Tina Parker

Life Questions

Date of Post: 
Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Do you want to have children?

How long did it take you all to conceive?

Did you have a C-section?

Are you breastfeeding?


So many loaded questions come with the pre-parenting/parenting territory. Often people I hardly knew thought nothing of asking me such things. I rarely answered them honestly when put on the spot, but I did (and still do!) hold such questions close and attempt to address all their complexities when I write.

My poems are a way for me to question the questions, to struggle with their answers and, in the end, to just be honest no matter how frank or ugly that might come across.

In the coming weeks, I'll write a blog post focusing on each of the questions above. So stay tuned, it's gonna get real honest in here. Till then, please share some of the intensely personal questions near-strangers have posed to you around the issue of parenting/children.